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Zirconia Sanding Belt
DEERFOS PS999 Sanding BeltDEERFOS Bora Sanding BeltDEERFOS Small Sanding Belts
Made by using quality abrasive cloth materials from Germany, Korea to provide a durable, consistent & stable grinding or polishing on work piece. Various type of material to suit different industries surface finishing requirement from heavy grinding, hairline to final fine finishing.
Industries : Aerospace, Marine, Stainless, Woodworking, PCB, Aluminum, Casting, Flooring Industries
Excellent for: Weld removal Grinding marks Hairline finishing Finer polishing
Rough Grinding Removal Burr Removal De-scaling Fast removal of rust
Inconel grinding Titanium grinding
Sizes Available : We can make Cloth, Paper Sanding Belt in narrow belt, short belt or wide belt, on request
Material : Alum oxide, Zirconia PZ, Silicone Carbide SiC, Ceramic Grain Series
Grits Available : P16 P24 P36 P40  P50  P60   P80   P100 P120 P150 P180 P240 P320 P400 P500 P600 P800 P1000
**Custom Size On Request**